Synchronizing the ASP.NET Cache across AppDomains and Web Farms

This article covers an interesting topic that has shown itself in my current project: using the Cache across appdomains and web farms.

In the end his solution is basically to create a mechanism to write out cache information to files that each app domain watches for changes (or so I gleamed from glancing over it) but in our case we are storing little bits and pieces and not large things. In other words, the added overhead of reading/writing to the filesystem would probably eliminate the benefit of using the cache for our application.

ASP.NET throwing OutOfMemoryException around 800+ MB, regardless of available memory

I just read this article which seems to describe the situation I am seeing today with our application.

The solution is to boot the computer with the /3GB option to allow ASP.NET to use more memory, but I think we only have 2GB in the machine. Will need to investigate.

Google Rankings, is a pretty cool website.

You can enter a phrase and your site and it will tell you where you come up on the index. I know these are not 100% accurate in the sense that a search one day could be very different from a search the other day depending on which set of servers you hit, but it can give you some idea of where you stand.