Print Key Not Working in Greenshot?

I just got to the bottom of this problem…

I was running Greenshot from startup (Greenshot is a nice OSS screen capture tool), and I was having this issue where from time to time the “print” wouldn’t work.

When running Greenshot, pressing the Print key allows you to select a region of the screen for a cropped screen shot.

After some tinkering, the issue is that when Greenshot is running w/o admin rights, it won’t be able to respond when my focus is on an application that is running WITH admin rights.

As long as the app I have focus on is using regular level permissions, or greenshot is running with elevated premissions, all is well.

I’m simply running it with elevated permissions now and have no issues.


Connecting to FTP behind Windows Firewall and Passive Connections

Even though I opened up the correct port in the Firewall, my Filezilla connection would always fail shortly after connecting.

It would attempt to enter passive mode, and also get a list of the FTP contents, and then the connection would die.

Turns out that by default, the FTP client (filezilla and maybe many others) enter a “Passive” mode when not actively transfering files.  However, to do this the client needs to connect to a random port assigned by the server, which for windows FTP server is between 1024 and 5000.

Now, if you don’t want to open up all those ports in your FW, then you can use the instructions here to change the PassivePortRange in the Metabase.xml file.

Worked prefect for me.