Project References vs. Assembly References

In our current applications we are using Assembly References so that you can load up a project without needing to load up every project it references, and all the ones that they reference and on and on.

However MS suggests that you use Project References whenever possible, so I think when we cut over to TFS we will be switching to project references.



I am at a Developer event at Microsoft right now, and the presenter just talked about some a way to setup a dependency on some data from sql server.

He didn’t go over it much, but it is something I should look into a bit more.

I would guess it needs to poll the DB or something, will be interesting to see how it works.

The Geico / Google Joke

A while back there was a lawsuit filed by Geico against Google.

They were angry that when people typed in Geico into Google, ads for car insurance would show up on the right under the google adwords program.

I thought this was funny, so I quickly placed an ad for the keyword “Geico,” and some guys from this website immortalized my joke with the following screen capture:

Back to school

Over the winter I was accepted into the graduate school of the University of Chicago, which may I please point out, is not UIC.

I am pretty excited about going to such a prestigious school. Northwestern is the only other school in the area who can compete with U of C, but they don’t offer a Masters program for Computer Science, U of C was the only place I applied to. I attended the DePaul open house but left feeling very unimpressed. For example, DePaul has “Web Programming with ASP.NET”, U of C has “Object Oriented Architecture and Design Patterns” (a great class). The course on parallel computing will get students access to the super computer facility at Argon Nation Labs. How sweet is that?

Anyway, it isn’t going to be easy with all the work I have going on, but if I don’t do it now I may never get back to it.

And I feel so inferior to my wife with her Masters degree! 🙂