How does Vista change IIS and P2P apps (WCF)

This article on MSDN talks about what Vista changes when it comes to IIS and P2P apps (WCF or Indigo as I would rather call it but MS idiots changed it to WCF, which makes me say WTF).

Troubleshooting .NET Applications – Knowing Which Tools to Use and When

This whitepaper: Troubleshooting .NET Applications – Knowing Which Tools to Use and When talks about different methods for debugging .net applications, and talks about the various tools available to aid in the debugging efforst.


I am at a Developer event at Microsoft right now, and the presenter just talked about some a way to setup a dependency on some data from sql server.

He didn’t go over it much, but it is something I should look into a bit more.

I would guess it needs to poll the DB or something, will be interesting to see how it works.

The Geico / Google Joke

A while back there was a lawsuit filed by Geico against Google.

They were angry that when people typed in Geico into Google, ads for car insurance would show up on the right under the google adwords program.

I thought this was funny, so I quickly placed an ad for the keyword “Geico,” and some guys from this website immortalized my joke with the following screen capture: