Convert RTF to HTML

More than once I have looked into a way to convert RTF into HTML.  Mostly because there are RTF textboxes available for winforms, but you might want to save the page as HTML, and not RTF.

This article shows a way to do this that:

Missing Step in, Step Out and Macros in VS.Net

A while back I had some problems with a coworkers settings.

They were missing the step in and step out as well as the Macros option in the tools menu.

We were able to get these back by changing the VS.Net settings by going to Tools->Import and Export settings.

Then select to Import settings and pick where you want to backup your current settings.

Then I think we picked “Visual Basic Development Settings” or maybe “General Development Settings.”  This seemed to get things back to normal for the most part.

I still have a few problems, like if I am working on some file, that file will not be highlighted in the solution explorer (what a pain) and I can’t right click on a webform and select “View Code” (what a pain).

It looks like MS was trying to make it really customizable, but I think they ended up making it a pain to get things working the way you expect them to.


I was able to quickly find a setting to make sure that the current page I was working on became tracked in Solution Explorer: