Access to performance data was denied …

I have been getting this error in the event log of one of my clients servers:

Access to performance data was denied to UserName as attempted from C:WINNTSystem32WinMgmt.exe

I first tried this:

Open the “Computer Management” app
Expand the “Services and Applications” section
Right-click the “WMI Control” entry & select “Properties”
Go to the “Security” tab
Expand the “Root” node and then select the “WMI” node
Click the “Security” button
Add the account & give it access

That didn’t work, so I found another suggestion:

1. Run regedt32
2. Select the key SOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionPerflib
3. From the menu select ‘Security/Permissions’
4. Add the Internet Guest Account granting only ‘read’ permission

In case that doesn’t work, here are some more articles on the subject



Moving changes from one table to another

You just screwed up the database, and now you need to make some surgical repairs to the database.

Or maybe you have data in development and production tables and you want to move some data changes from one to the other.

Basically the problem is that you have 2 tables with the same schema where 1 column has some different values in one table when compared with the other.

You can’t do an update on an inner join statement, but you can create an updatable view containing the fields you need and then run an update statement on it.

A view is updatable if it meets the following conditions:

A view is updatable if:

  • select_statement has no aggregate functions in the select list and does not contain the TOP, GROUP BY, UNION, or DISTINCT clauses. Aggregate functions can be used in a in a subquery in the FROM clause as long as the values returned by the functions are not modified. For more information, see Aggregate Functions.
  • select_statement has no derived columns in the select list. Derived columns are result set columns formed by anything other than a simple column expression, such as using functions or addition or subtraction operators.
  • The FROM clause in the select_statement references at least one table. select_statement must have more than nontabular expressions, which are expressions that are not derived from a table. For example, this view is not updatable:
 @@LANGUAGE AS CurrentLanguage,

Getting Just the Date Out Of GETDATE

SQL Servers’ GETDATE() function will return the current DateTime.  But what if you just want the current date.

CAST(FLOOR(CAST(GETDATE() AS float)) AS datetime)



See this page for even more options.

Or, if you want to get just the current time out of GETDATE or any datetime for that matter, check out this page (it is one of the FAQs).


Whole Genome Shotgun Sequencing.

I am writing a paper for where I am supposed to defend the claim that Whole Genome Shotgun Sequencing was successful at mapping the human genome.

In the research I have done, I have come across a bunch of papers from the late 90s from people on both sides (e.g. Venter/Myers PRO, Green

It seem then after the release of the human genome, there again a number of papers looking at the results, kind of doing a post mortem on the whole debate.

However, these articles seem to indicate that WGS would NOT have worked in the human genome, where such a large portion of the genome is a duplicate, if not for the IHGP teams work.  Some papers seemed to suggest that this hybrid method would be the standard way to sequence genes.

I have not found much on the subject from recent months.  Almost all
my references are from 2002 or earlier.

I tried posting to some newsgroups for some opinions and got back nada.

I must not be looking in the right spots, but it sure is frustrating.

UPDATE: After more research, it appears that the reason I was finding so many articles complaining about the WGS method was due to the massive egos that were seeing their Nobel prize dreams going up in smoke.  Venter and Myers successfully used WGS on the mouse genome, and then later applied it again to human, without any data from GenBank, validating the results, and the technique.