My Dark Theme for Visual Studio.Net

I have been wanting to try a dark theme for, but I couldn’t quit find one I liked.

So I took bits from here and from Scott Hanselman and created my own.

Take a look at some screen shots, and you can download the settings file at the bottom.




Here is my settings file:
Dark-Theme.vssettings (32.85 KB)

If you like this, please leave a comment!  Thanks.


Site Statistics

Here are some site statistics for the last 12 months. Over a quater million visitors and almost 750,000 page views. Not bad.

Total Hits 1,607,524
Average Hits per Day 4,380
Average Hits per Visitor 5.87
Cached Requests 132,924
Failed Requests 157,190
Page Views
Total Page Views 737,197
Average Page Views per Day 2,008
Average Page Views per Visitor 2.69
Total Visitors 273,988
Average Visitors per Day 746
Total Unique IPs 49,647

Google Drops My PageRank

It looks like my previous pagerank of 4 has been dropped to 3.

Google PR™ - Post your Page Rank with

This kinda stinks. I would rather be going up than down, but it isn’t that big of a deal.

Ironically, one of my other websites that was getting a lot less traffic than this one just jumped from a 3 up to a 4.  Go figure.

Google frequently tinkers with their settings, so I’m sure these numbers will not be static.