Jott is an interesting site that allows you to send emails from your phone.

You call a number, say the name of the person you want to send a message to, and it will do speech to text conversion and send the email.

As I understand it, they employ 2 different speech recognition engines, and if the 2 don’t agree on what you said, they offload it to a person to do the typing.  Pretty interesting!

You can also set reminders and it will email ou 15 minutes before the reminder time.

Not sure that I will ever really get into using it heavily, but I thought I would give it a shot.

They also have an API so I could write up some code for my site and “phone in” my blog posts and they would show up here.  Pretty interesting indeed!

Here is the API:



Couple of points on Network Load Balancing

With Windows Servers, you can setup a cluster using built in Network Load Balancing.

The interesting thing about doing load balancing via software, is that once you get up around 4-5 servers, you stop gaining in performance when you add new machines, because of the added overhead associated with mainting N number of new relationships between the servers.

Also, if you use NLB and you set them up to not use any type of server affinity (i.e. a users request might hit any of the servers at any time) you will pay a serious penality if you are using SSL because each new request to a new server will require a new negoation of the SSL credentials.

Add users to group: domain missing

The other day I was helping a client of mine who was having some problems getting a user setup as the local administrator on a laptop.

When I went to add the user, the “From this location:” option only showed the local computer name, not the domain.

The computer WAS on the domain, so what was going on?

Well it turned out that a new router had been put in on that subnet, and the DHCP on the router had started handing out IP addreses.  Those IPs didn’t have the DC as the DNS server, which is something that is needed in order to allow computers to figure out where company.local is really located.

After changing the DNS server to be the DC and not the router, everything worked as expected.