The destruction of my ugly bar

When my wife and I first moved into our house, the first thing we wanted to do was get rid of this ugly, and seemingly useless bar in our basement.

To be honest I have no idea what anyone would have done with this thing, but at some point someone spent a lot of time to install this thing.

The day finally came when I decided it was time to take action (mostly because I have to sell my house very quickly and this thing is ugly).

I wish I had some “before” pictures, but I didn’t think about that when I started.

Some of the junk that was removed, awaiting disposal.

The newly freed space. We are going to make this where we put our TV and stuff.

This was the most interesting part for me. I had to cut some pipes running to the sink in the bar and sweat on a cap. I had never done this before so it wasn’t that easy, and it was made even harder by the fact that I had about 18″ of space to work with in this area behind the bar. But, it’s finally done.


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