Testing Trackback / Image / File / Google filters.

With this post I am testing out some features of dasBlog.

I am linking to a Trackback faq page by Shai Coggins seen below thanks to the upload image feature (not bad eh?).

It looks like dasBlog just throws these uploaded images into a single folder, which I guess means I could overwrite a file if 2 were uploaded with the same name.  Lemme try…

Yep, it overwrote it.  I guess I will have to be careful about that possible occurance.

On to the file upload option:

Sequencediagram_1.png (1.84 KB)

Interesting, thats pretty cool.

The last thing to test is the content filter ability.

This seems a bit much, you type in a bunch of code and it will output some standard string.  For example, this should produce a google search: $g(chrismay) and this should produce an IMDB search: $imdb(The Matrix).

Here goes…

Well it seems that everything worked pretty well except maybe the trackback isn’t working.  The URL for the trackback appears to not be saved when I save this article, but maybe that is by design.  I will have to look into it.  I posted a comment on the article I was trying to trackback… maybe that output is cached and it will show up later (?), doupt it.  Here is the article I am dealing with.


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