QofSA – Over the Years and Through The Woods

I just finished watching Over the Years and Through The Woods which I first blogged about here.

It was pretty cool!  If you like Queens of the Stone Age, then you should really get it.

The performances reminded me of the one thing that they do live that I don’t like, and that is take an adlib section too far.  It’s like, oh cool, normally this part only goes on 4 times but they are doing it more, ok, thats 12, 16, …  ok 24 times … ok… this is getting stupid, I lost track of the count, are they ever going to jump back into the song?

But the DVD is pretty cool.  There are some cool bonus footage of a bunch of the songs I really like with their old bass player that they don’t play live anymore, which sucks.  I think they were a lot better w/ him in 2003 than w/o.  But whatever.

I found this other CD by them that I might end up getting called The Desert Sessions

Cool stuff.


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