University of Chicago First Grades

I just got my first set of grades from University of Chicago.  I got an A in OO Architecture and Design Patterns, and a B in Software Construction.

I think I couldn’t have done any better than a B in Software Construction.  The work was very challenging, in a good way, but the time requirement was so great that week after week I wasn’t able to complete the weeks assignment, or if I was able to complete it, my code wasn’t as strong as it could have been.

I am taking this quater off to focus on work, and I am not sure if I will be taking anything in the summer as they usually do the really basic classes then.  We will see. 

I probably still need to take some kind of discrete math class, but I don’t want to pay the $3600 bucks to take it at UofC if I can take it elsewhere for less.


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