Ticketmaster Sucks!!!

OMG TicketMaster Sucks!!!

I just went to buy some tickets for The Secret Machines, and the tickets were 15 bucks each. 

I picked the FREE delivery option, and my order came to $72.30.  WHAT???  3 tickts @ $15 << $72.30.

So for a 15 dollar ticket, they add on a “facility charge” of another buck, then there is the “Convenience Charge” WTF is that BS?  Tax is only 1.50 but then they throw on a “Order Processing Fee” charge of 4.80?? What the hell is the difference between their Order processing fee, and their Convenience charge?  This is totally gay.

In the end my “tickets” cost 60% more than the cost of the “tickets”!!

Ticketmaster really sucks ass.  I hate them with a passion.

And how come I keep signing up to be notified when some bands go on tour and they never email me, those ass hats.

Item Charge
Full Price Tickets US $15.00 x 3
Facility Charge US $1.00 x 3
Convenience Charge US $6.25 x 3

Additional Taxes US $0.75
Delivery (Standard Mail) No Charge
Order Processing Fee US $4.80
Additional Taxes US $0.75
Total Charges US $72.30

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