Rocky Lhota at CNUG

I was able to get to the CNUG meeting where Rocky Lhotka was the feature speaker.

I had a chance to ask Rocky a couple of questions that had been bugging me about CSLA.

1)  He agreed that using the method of multiple result sets in datareader is not really a good idea in some instances, where a dataset would be much more useful.

2)  He suggested that you should usually not have an object that is sometimes a child and sometimes a parent.  I am not sure I agree with idea.  I believe I understand his point that if you are dealing with a Project object that has a collection of Employees assigned to it, you probably don’t need the Employees to be as complex as if you were dealing with an Employee who is assigned to a bunch of Projects, but at the same time you are talking about writing 2 classes with 2 sets of data access scripts, vs 4 classes and 4 sets of data access.  But, he said that there are techniques for making a business object be both a parent and a child.  This is apparently detailed in Ch 7. 

Rocky suggested the book Object Thinking by Dave West

3) He mentioned that people have built UI Frameworks that run on top of CSLA.  I will have to look into this.

4) He was showing an example using an ASP.NET MultiView control, looked like a great way to enable multiple views of the same data.

5) I didn’t get a chance to ask him about serialization and deserialization of classes that have small differences.  For example if you serialze an object and use the same byte array to deserialize a similar class, will it blow up if small changes are made, like you add a public property?  I will have to try this out myself.

In all, Rocky was a very good speaker.  Very engaging, funny, and on point. 

Oh and I won the raffle at the end, to get a copy of his book, the one I just paid 60 bucks for :-).


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