Donnie Darko

I just went to download the song “Mad World”, which is featured in a really cool commerical for Gears of War.

When I went to download it, I found that the song, along with a remix, were part of the Donnie Darko sound track.

Donnie Darko was one of those movies that almost no one saw, and somehow I ended up renting it, and it was fantastic.

I guess I am really attracted to movies like Darko.  The Butterfly Effect was another movie that the critics, and most people I guess, didn’t like, but I also throught it was really cool.

Both feature people who are experiencing things that shouldn’t be happening…  I guess you could throw the Matrix movies in with this group too, but they were really popular.

Another one like these is The Forgotten, where a Mother wakes up and finds that no one can remember that she had a child at one point.  She questions her own sanity, as does Darko and so does the Aston Kutcher character in Butterfly.

The Mothman Prophecies is also a pretty similar film, although, not quite as good. 

But all of these movies kept me very interested, and really left a creepy feeling after they were over.



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