Outlook 2007 Problems

I don’t know anyone having the same problems I am with Outlook 2007, so it could be just my machine, but Outlook 2007 is really ticking me off.

I can deal with a program crashing every now and then, but Oulook does 2 things.

1) Simply stops getting my email from the Exchange server.  I usually notice this when I say… Jeez, I haven’t had an email in the last 3 hours?  That can’t be right.  So I check my status and it either thinks I’m Disconnected (and reconnecting doesn’t have any effect) or it is locked in a “Trying to establish a connection….”.  

But wait there’s more….

So I close down Outlook and relaunch it, only it never appears.  Sometimes I notice that it didn’t show up, but most times I am already on to the next thing and don’t realize it until minutes later when I am looking for my email and wondering… “Didn’t I already launch it (again)?”.

2) Outlook doesn’t close down properly, and these processes seem to keep new ones from working correctly.  So I go to task manager and there will be like 3-6 outlook.exe processes running.  One of them will have like 50-60MB of RAM, and the others will only have 3MB.  I have to kill them all before I can start a new process and launch outlook successfully.

Really really annoying, esp when you miss important emails… or emails you really need to have sent are found sitting in your outbox for hours.


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