Bears Defeat Seahawks: What Did We Learn

The Bears just squeeked out a win against the injury ridden Seahawks, 27-24 in overtime.

What did we learn from this game?

We learned that

  • Grossman was able to play at a decent level.  i.e. He didn’t throw up all over himself.
  • The defense really has fallen off.  Some suggested that the Bears defense was on auto pilot the last few games, and that is why they had such bad performances.  We can now say for sure that this defense is FAR from the unit that was shutting out opponents early in the year.  The Bears now are frequently giving up 25+ points a game, and they couldn’t stop the running game to save their life (not to mention the 8 yard passes that were available, and taken, all game long).
  • Robbie Gould can come through in the clutch.
  • Wesley is obviously trying to set the single season record for most obscure 15 yard penalities on punt coverage.  This week he interferred with the returner.  A few weeks back he refused to come back into the field of play (another 15 yard penality).
  • Devon Hester shouldn’t be on the field.  I don’t care what up side this guy has.  His chance of dropping the ball, or making the dumbest play on earth (like touching the ball after deciding not to play it on a punt) is FAR greater that his chance for a good return.  This guy had 3 fumbles today!!!  If I were the Saints I would kick every ball to him.  He will drop at least 1.
  • Bensen is not going to get much playing time.  I had hoped with the display he put on last week someone would wake up and realize that this guy needs to be on the field, but it looks like are sticking with Jones on the key plays.
  • Bensen will continue to out perform Jones.  He had a higher yards/carry again this week, w/o the benefit of some of the nice big holes Jones had.  Jones can’t move the pile.  He can’t move individual players for that matter.  And in the open field, he is too slow to out run anyone, and does too much hopping around to pick up positive yards.  When given a chance, Bensen stays on his feet and pushing forward for extra yards.  Frequently Bensen would have what looked like a “poor” play.  No real hole, just running into people.  But when they spotted the ball, he had picked up 4 yards.
  • The O-Line can’t protect Rex.  When the other team is sending just 3 guys, the QB should have a little time before getting hit.
  • Rex can’t avoid the pressure.  Rex continues to not setup up in the pocket.  Being a short guy, you would think he would want to move up and get some better visibility of the field.
  • Deuce McCalister and Reggie Bush are going to run all over this bears defense. 
  • I should have bet on this game.  I thought the Seahawks +8 was a lock.  I would also take the points in the next game (+3 for the Saints).

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