Refactor! for ASP.NET

This looks really cool. 

You can download it here for free.

Included Refactorings

Add Validator
Create Overload
Encapsulate Field
Extract ContentPlaceHolder
Extract ContentPlaceHolder (create master page)
Extract Method
Extract Property
Extract Style (Class)
Extract Style (id)
Extract to User Control
Flatten Conditional
Inline Temp
Introduce Constant
Introduce Local
Introduce Local (replace all)
Move Declaration Near Reference
Move Initialization to Declaration
Move Style Attributes to CSS
Move to Code-behind
Reorder Parameters
Replace Temp with Query
Reverse Conditional
Safe Rename
Simplify Expression
Split Initialization from Declaration
Split Temporary Variable
Surround with Update Panel


UPDATE:  It seems that installing this may have removed some of the features of the old Refactor! that I was frequently using (?).  I used to use the “Surround With–>Region” all the time.  Now that is gone.  I will have to investigate.


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