Hollywood Boulevard – Movie Going Innovation

I love seeing new things; innovations in existing markets.

In other words, things that make you say “Wow”, and compel you to tell your friends about your experience.

This is exactly what Hollywood Boulevard is doing for the movie going experience.

Forget the fact that the place is decorated really cool.  That’s a nicety, but nothing to write home about.

The innovation comes in the theater experience.  Forget cramped seating, this place has individual executive leather chairs that recline.  There is a table that runs in front of each seat so you can sit your drinks on it, AND they have a full restaurant and staff that takes food / drink orders during the movie.

We had chicken fingers and fries with a diet coke for 12 bucks.

And the movie prices are cheap too: $8 for an adult ticket.

Click here for more images of the place.

I will be going back for sure.



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