Getting Albums To "Merge" In ITunes

Now that I am using an iPhone, I am kinda forced to use iTunes, which I happen to think is a total piece of junk.

The only redeeming quality of iTunes is that it downloads your album art.  I’m sure it does other stuff nice too, but it does so many things poorly that I try to avoid it at all costs.

But now that I am forced to use it, it was really really really ticking me off that it was not grouping songs from the same album into same album group.

These are not some random collection of MP3s, these are all songs from the same single RIP of a single CD, with all the same information in the ID3, and still iTunes can’t figure it out.

See this picture for a good example of this.  Feel Good Hit of the Summer should be grouped with all the other ones.  Click the image to see a larger view:

So after screwing around with this for a period (way too long), I finally figured a way to get it to work.

Warning: this is dumb.

Edit the song that is not getting merged (the first one).  Change the album title to something stupid like “X”.  Save it, then change it back to what it should be.

Then iTunes will finally merge the songs into 1 album.



6 thoughts on “Getting Albums To "Merge" In ITunes

  1. Hi, I’ve got exactly the same issue you have illustrated / described above. I have searched several forums and all the answers / feedback i’ve read suggest that there is most likely different information in different fields, therefore itunes is separating the tracks into different albums as they appear different to itunes. However, I have compared the songs from the two ‘albums’ in question and, unless i’m missing the obvious, I can’t find any difference in the grammar / spelling or information discrepancies between the songs in any of the fields, therefore I can’t seem to get the two albums to become one. 😦 Is there a way to specifically compare these songs to identify where the difference is? I mean i’ve even gone to the trouble of checking all the field display boxes within itunes to compare all the tracks side by side, to no avail, so I then manually edited the information on all the tracks within the ‘Get Info’ section to make sure all fields where identical, also to no avail! Finally, I located the itunes library within my finder to see if the songs where in two separate folders, which they weren’t, they are all number consecutively and all the ‘part of compilation’ boxes are checked. All of the track numbers are also consecutive and tally. I just can’t get it to work! and i’m pulling my hair out! Please can someone help!? If required i’d even be prepared to strike up a conversation with someone in ichat to screen share, that way hopefully someone else can find the root of the problem! Look forward to responses.

  2. some of the tracks tag boxes can have spaces, so it seems they have the same information even thought they don’t. delete the unnessary spaces, and it should work.

  3. I actually double/tripple checked that I had removed ALL extra spaces from every field. I even copied and pasted every field from 1 into the other just incase there was something like a different type of ‘ character or whatever.

  4. Here’s how:

    1. Select View -> As Grid with no search criteria (so you get a grid of all your albums), then View -> Sort Albums -> By Title.

    2. Select the various albums that should be joined by clicking on the first, then holding the Shift key down as you click on the rest.

    3. Right-click -> Get Info.

    4. In the popup, go to the Options tab and select "Part of a compilation: Yes", then click OK.

    This should put all the tracks together into a single album.

  5. Yo guys i have finaly found the way to do it.
    Right click on all song you want.
    Select ” Get info ”
    go to ” Info ” tab
    then in Album Artist put a random name or the artis you want
    it will merge together.

    and if it still does not work, do this

    go to the Options tab and select "Part of a compilation: Yes", then click OK.

    Personnaly i do all step: rename Album artist and click yes on Part of compilation

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