My Klipsch IPod speakers BRICKED MY IPHONE!

Klipsch iGroove speakers bricked my iphone
Ok so the other night I was working late, and thought to myself… hey, I have some new music on my iphone, why don’t I make use of my Klipsch iGroove speakers (as I had heard that most ipod accessories work with the iphone).

So I walked over to the speakers and dropped in my iphone. It fit perfect, as expected. I hit the power button… nothing. Ok, maybe I need to turn on the iphone. Nothing. Ok, maybe I need to hit the menu button… nothing.

I take the iphone out and try to power it up… nothing. I hold down each button for 10 seconds, and then try holding down both for 30 seconds. Nothing.

The iphone starts to get really really hot (almost too hot to hold) and I realize I am screwed.

So that is the bad part. The good part is that I was able to make an appt with the local Apple store within an hour, and they replaced my iphone with a new one.

So as stupid as it is that you could plug in an iphone into some ipod speakers and it would destroy the unit, it was nice that I was able to get a new phone as quickly as I did.

I will not be using any more ipod accessories with my iphone.


2 thoughts on “My Klipsch IPod speakers BRICKED MY IPHONE!

  1. I just found this page via google. I also just bricked my iPhone using similar Klipsch iPod speakers. The ones with the more convex shaped speakers (igroove SXT or something). Very upset since I’m visiting family and it’s Christmas season so I am worried they might not be willing to spare in-store stock.

    This is incredibly frustrating! And yeah, I don’t think I’ll be using any more "works with iPod" accessories that don’t also say "iphone" on them. At least, nothing that deals with power. What is the point of making it so easy to fry? This is stupid.

  2. No kidding…. when I wrote this post, all was well (I had my new working phone), but when it happened, I was livid!

    I was about ready to murder someone.

    I searched google and came up with nothing, so I figured I would post so others (like yourself) would know that it wasn’t just you that this happened to.

    Best of luck getting a replacement. I totally agree, this is beyond stupid.

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