Hey Windows Update, thanks for losing all my work.

Last nigiht before I went to bed, I was working on a bunch of stuff.

Lots of files, tons of programs, all open to serve the task at hand.

So, at 3am, I was kinda up for some reason, but luck for me, that meant that I got to hear the sound of my laptop rebooting.

I almost got up to go check on it and make sure I wasn’t dreaming, but sure enough in the morning I came down to find a login prompt.

Windows Updates on my new laptop. was set to automatically download and install updates at 3am.  Which is a good thing, unless the updates require a restart, which it will do wheather you want it or not.

So I had to turn off automatic updates for this reason, but this brings me to a bigger question.  Couldn’t microsoft see this possability and give you and option to download/install but NOT reboot?

They already have a “feature” that is annoying as hell, that bugs you ever 15 minutes when you have installed a windows udpate that requires a reboot, but haven’t rebooted yet.  They could just use that to make sure you DO reboot at some time.


Update: Windows update rebooted my friend Mike’s work desktop, even though he had it set to only download and not install updates.  So all those SQL Jobs that were running at the time…. yea they all got screwed up. 



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