Verizon EVDO Will Not Connect To Broadband Access

On my new laptop, I had lenovo build it with a Sierra Wireless 1xEV-DO Network Adapter card built in to the laptop.

This means I should be able to access EVDO RevA “BroadbandAccess” basically across all of Chicagoland.  However, lately the VZ Manager software from Verizon has been only connecting me to the dialup-like “NationalAccess” and not the DSL like BroadbandAccess.  The signal shows that it is plenty strong, and I am using in the exact same places where I have used my old EVDO card, and even in places where my laptop worked at first.

This is so frustrating I can’t explain it. 

I contacted Verizon, and of course they were no help.

So now I might end up in the situation of having to buy (and keep plugged in all the time) a pcmcia card for the verizon network, even though I already paid to have this functionality built into my laptop. 

This really stinks :(.


One thought on “Verizon EVDO Will Not Connect To Broadband Access

  1. i’ve never seen the lenovo ‘connection manager’ software. does it tell you what your signal strength is in dBM/RSSI?

    maybe your internal card just doesn’t get good signal?

    if you decide you want a card or usb modem with service, give the EVDO Experts at a call, and we’ll take care of you.

    — alex

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