How to NOT use the web to promote your business

I am a season ticket holder for the Chicago Fire, and over the last few years, they have infuriated me numerous times with what appears to be total incompitance in running the business.  I won’t go into it all now, but to point out yet another way they have blown it.

Let’s say you ran the Fire, and you were trying to use your website to promote your home opener.  Don’t you think you would try to avoid confusing your fans as to what time the games starts?


If you print out the season sechedule, it says 7:00.   If you look at the ticket, it says 7:30!

This is just dumb.  Dumb.

There are threads going on among fans on the various soccer related websites trying to figure out what time the game starts??  What is this, Guadalajara?? 



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