Why Do SSRS Deployments Not Update Everything?

Recently I have been making some changes to our SQL Server Reporting Services machines.  I am finding that many of my changes are not taking effect on the server.

The deployment goes ok.  The reports show that they have been updated, but some things seem to not transfer.

For example, I changed the data source on some reports and redeployed them, but this new setting did not make it to the server.  If I delete the report and THEN deploy it, it works fine.

Another issue was with some reports where I was trying to change some of the parameters to take a default null value.  I made the changes in my reports and deployed.  The reports now ALLOWED a null value, but they were not setup for the null to be the default value. 

Once again deleting the report and deploying fixed the problem, but this is stupid.

Has anyone else had this problem, or have know of the reason why it doesn’t work right?


I got a response from someone on this.  Apprently Microsoft felt that certain changers like changing report parameter details, could cause existing report parameter settings to be overwritten (well duh) and you as a developer probably didn’t realize what you were doing (hmmm yes I did) and so they don’t update everyone on the server when you redeploy a report.

Brilliant!  No warning, no message, just some things are not updated.


One thought on “Why Do SSRS Deployments Not Update Everything?

  1. To Whom It Concerns — FWIW, this bug still exists in VS 2013. Visual Studio does NOT update always update a report on the server after deployment. Ug. What a stinky bug. When I deploy my report from VS the deployment “succeeds” but the report is NOT updated on the server. The only sure-fire workaround that I have found is to deploy a new version of the report each time by giving the new version a new file name. So I have “MyReportV01.rdl” then “MyReportV02.rdl” and etc. This forces a new version onto the server and it works find. But, of course, it stinks too because my report name references must be updated in my clients and it leaves orphans on the server. The orphans are not a big deal and I do not care about them and centralizing the report name in config settings mitigates the reference update headache. Still, VS has a bug here and it should just brute-force deploy and save us this workaround. Oh well. Put it on the TODO list MS, please. Thanks. (Just one man’s opinion and experience and your mileage may vary but this bug, yes bug, does exist here.) — Mark Kamoski

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