AT&T's Business DSL SLA is a joke

Most internet providers for businesses offer some kind of SLA to show their commitment to continued uptime.

One of my customers who uses AT&T Business DSL recently had a multi day outage. 

So what does AT&T’s SLA provide?

Customer connectivity shall be restored in 24 hours or less from the time AT&T is notified of the outage. *Customer shall be entitled to one (1) day’s credit (based on 30 day calendar month) from the Customer’s recurring monthly service fees if AT&T fails to meet the 24 Hour Service Restoration SLA.

Yes you read that right.  Your business has no email or internet access for 3-4 days and what does AT&T do for you?  They might knock 10 bucks or so off your bill.  How nice… well at least they don’t make me waste any more time …. oh wait..

(*) Credits are not automatically applied. Customer must apply via the Business DSL SLA website located at, or by calling our Customer Care at 1-877-722-3755.



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