Forced Security

The world is full of idiots.

Because so many of these people have wrecked their servers by accidentally installing malware, MS now feels they have to force hightened security on the rest of us.

So I have wasted 30 minutes trying to get an activeX control installed on a server.

IE won’t let me do it, even though I marked the site as Trusted, and even though I went through every ActiveX option in advanced tools and turned them all to Enabled.  Nope, still nothing.

I then decided to try changing the default security levels… oh wait, they won’t even LET me do that.  Are you kidding me??

I finally found a link to download an install.

Now IE tells me “Your security settings do not allow this file to be downloaded.”

Do I seriously need to go install firefox to just get this damned flie downloaded??

No, because thankfully I was able to open up the page source and go find where the activeX is getting pulled from, and realized it was coming from a different subdomain (which of course is not apparnet to any normal users).

Adding that subdomain manually to my trusted sites fixed the problem.

The whole thing is just stupid.



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