Careful With Those Cookies

When doing testing, you might find yourself wanting to delete cookies for some URLs on your development machine.

Now, you need to be careful about how you delete these cookies, because Microsoft decided to pull a little trick on you.  They created a folder:

C:Documents and Settings[user]Cookies

This folder seems to contain all your cookies!  But, actually it doesn’t.  Deleting these cookies really doesn’t clear out the cookies you think you are deleting because the REAL cookies are stored in:

C:Documents and Settings[user]Local SettingsTemporary Internet Files

This folder contains cookies and other temporary internet files, but of the most importance here is that THIS is where you need to clear your cookies from.

I came across another thing on a recent project is that you can’t test for the existance of an outbound cookie.

If Response.Cookies.Item("ASDFA") Is Nothing Then
     Response.Write("This Will Never Execute")
End If

Why is this?  It is because with the Response.Cookies collection (but not on the Request’s cookies collection) when you request an item from the collection that doesn’t exist it CREATES it, with a value of an empty string.



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