HP MediaSmart Certificate Issues

I am in the process of testing out a Windows Home Server (WHS) for possible use in backing up multiple machines.

Today I ran into a problem.  I noticed that when logging in remotely (using mydomain.homeserver.com) it was sending me to an http page and not an https page.

Asking me for my username/password that will allow anyone to access my machine over https is not acceptable.  I tried manually changing the url to https, but I got a certificate error.

I took a look at the certificate error and it appeared the certificate was for the URL https://MYDOMAIN  which is the name of the server, but not the full domain name.

I am not fully sure which change I made fixed the problem, but I went into Settings-> Remote Access and changed the “Web Site Home Page” from the HP page to the “Windows Home Server Home Page” because my friend had it setup this way and he had a button that took him to an HTTPS page to login, but I don’t think that solved the problem.  I then clicked on “Change” on the “Domain Name” section and just re-confirmed all the same settings.  At this point I think it grabs a new certificate from homeserver.com and it made it start working.

Now if I could only figure out why my one laptop is not backing up….



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