I hate Verizon

My lenovo came with Sierra Wireless MC5725 for use with Verizon’s EVDO network.

VZAccess manager (Verizons POS software) told me today that there was a firmware update for my Sierra Wireless device.

This update failed, and now my device won’t work.  I basically can’t enable the device.  It doen’t show up in my network list, and I can’t turn it on using the fn+F5 screen.

Where can I get the firmware for this thing?  Sierra Wireless says they don’t support these OEM devices, and Lenovo has nothing regarding firmware on their site, only drivers.

VZAccess Manager is one of the worst pieces of software I have ever had the chance to work with.  It never stops suprising me how crappy it can be, and yet I am still forced to use it every day.  I hate Verizon for doing this to me.


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