Finding if SP Parameters are Nullable

I’m working on something where I wanted to know if some parameters to a SQL Server Stored Procedure were nullable (or, in otherwords, if they had a default value).

The API I was working with provided a way to find info about the SP, but the isNullable value was never accurate.

I tried working with with the MS DAABs which have a way to fetch SP parameter info, but this method also produced faulty information.

Looking into the code of the DAAB, it was internally calling:

Dim command As SqlCommand


Somewhere I came across some code for the DeriveParameters method (I think from the Mono project maybe?) which showed it calling this system SP:


Which returns output fields,:



But, again, neither of these appear correctly.

However, I finally came across this thread where a MSFT poster indicates that this data is simply not available:

Instead, you need to parse the SP definition to see what the default parameter value is, which is a pain, but at least I know why these other methods kept not working.



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