Comcast turns off your internet

Last night, all of a sudden, my internet connection went down.

After a while, all my web requests started getting directed to a comcast page that said:

“You will need to activate your account”

telling me that I needed to download some software.  Total BS.

The link for the software didn’t even work.  I tried rebooting the modem, the router, nothing worked.

So after an hour in a comcast support chat (using my EVDO card for internet) they finally added my modem back to their system (or whatever).

If you get this message, and you are not a new customer, either comcast f’ed up (which is likely because they are possibly the worst company on earth) or you didn’t pay your bill.


2 thoughts on “Comcast turns off your internet

  1. Mark, lol.

    1) You must know that the support chats are run by people who don’t speak/understand English well.

    2) You must know that during the chats they use BS stuff to get you to wait longer like "May I call you by your first name?" … 3 minutes of nothing … "Ok thank you, Chris. " ….. 3 minutes of nothing …. "Are you still there?" … another 3 minute pause.

    3) Telling people that they have to install software (that is full of crap, because I’ve done it before) in order to connect is BS. It took probably 30 minutes in a chat before the guy understood that I’d been a customer for 10 years and didn’t have a startup kit CD.

    4) The chat tech basically blamed me for not resetting my modem at least once a month for this situation. What kinda joke is that?

    5) I’m sure that your role at comcast is 100% about spin control, so that the few thousand people who come to this blog each month will see the comment below my post and think more kindly of comcast. If anyone *actually* gets helped is simply a byproduct of the PR campaign, not an actual goal. If customer service was really a priority, my support/sales calls/chats wouldn’t be as rediculous.

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