CSLA Validation AmbiguousMatchException

Ran into this error today:

failed in property IsDeleted —> System.Reflection.AmbiguousMatchException: Ambiguous match found. at System.RuntimeType.GetPropertyImpl

I knew that we happened to have a property on our class called IsDeleted that shadowed a property in the CSLA base class, but I didn’t think it should be running into this problem.

After tracking down some reference info here http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/zy0d4103.aspx I found otu that the issue isn’t that we are shadowing, it’s that we are shadowing while at the same time changing the type. 

The documentation seems to indicate that both situations should fail, but in my tests, the only time I got the exception was when my shadowing property had a different type.  In this case, we were using a Nullable(of boolean) while the CSLA element was just a plain old Boolean.

I guess we are going to rename our property to make things easy on ourselves, but seeing as how this is codegenerated, it’s a little more of a pain than you might think.  But, oh well.

Here is some code that produces the error.  If you change the 2nd property type to a string it works ok.

imports Microsoft.VisualBasic
imports System
Imports System.Collections.Generic

public module MyModule
    sub Main
        dim target as new baseclass
        dim p as system.Reflection.PropertyInfo  = target.GetType().GetProperty("Prop")
        wl( p.GetValue(target, nothing))

    end sub

    #region "Helper methods"

    sub WL(text as object)
    end sub

    sub WL(text as object, paramarray args as object())
        Console.WriteLine(text.ToString(), args)
    end sub
    sub RL()
    end sub
    sub Break()
    end sub

    #end region

end module

public class BaseBaseClass
    public readonly property Prop as string
    return "BaseBaseClass"
    end get
    end property
end class

public class BaseClass
inherits BaseBaseClass

    public readonly property Prop as integer
    return 123
    end get
    end property

end class

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