Sending Faxes Online

Since we recently dropped AT&T in favor of a $6/month plan from, I haven’t been able to use my fax machine.

It’s not really suprising, even though it’s SUPPOSED to work, it’s sone of those things where, the fax machine is trying to do digital to analog, and then the VOIP provider is doing analog to digital and this second conversion has an accepted amount of packet loss as part of the equation.

If that amount is above the tolerance level of the 2 communicating fax machines, then it doesn’t work.

So when I needed to send a fax the other day I again when looking for a simple online solution for a 1 time user like myself and I think I found it:

There are tons of place out there that offer fax services online (, and many that offer some kind of free version, but they usually fall into 2 categories: 1) you can send a free fax, but it’s limited to 1-3 pages (I needed to send 4 pages) or 2) you can pay a monthly subscription to get the “pro” version.

FaxZero has the free version (lmiit 3 pages) but they also have a $2 option that you can use to send up to 15 pages (and no ad cover letter).

Perfect!  I uploaded my PDF, paid 2 bucks, got a confirmation message in my inbox.  Just what I wanted.


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