Code Review with TFS

I’ve been searching for some tools to use with TFS to help with doing code reviews.

So far the options I have found that seem worth considering are:



Code Collaborator


TeamReview looks like the option I’m going to try first.  It’s supposed to be fully integrated into the IDE, but I’m not sure how the “replay review” thing will work.  It’s supposed to highlight the same code that you hightlight during the review, which I guess can work, I’ll see how it goes.

Malevich is a web based tool that integrates into TFS, but it’s an open source project with few users, and when I see that I tend to think that it will be a major pain to get working.

Code Colaborator is something you pay per user, about 500 bucks, which is pretty darn expensive.  I’d really like to find an option that doesn’t cost several thousand dollars per year.

I’ll see how TeamReview goes and I’ll post my thoughts here.



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