Beware of the Invisible Shield by ZAGG for Iphone

I just coughed up a rediculous amount of money for one of these screen protectors as I know the iphone 4 tends to scratch easily.

I’ve owned iphones going all the way back to the original 2G version and I’ve always used a screen protector on all of them.

I have never been so disappointed as with this piece of crap ZAGG product.

It looks terrible, it doesn’t go one smooth or easy AT ALL, and it’s texture is like rubbery so your finger doesn’t slide on it.

I’ve never had issues with screen protectors on any of my other phones (or my wife’s iphone as well) but this one is the absolute worst.  Garbage!

I hope you can avoid wasting your money like I just did.  Orders something online, there is no way there could be a worse product b/c I’ve used half a dozen others and none come close to being as crappy as this one.

UPDATE: I just tried installing the back protector and it was even worse than the front.

The way they have you apply the the cover is to lay it out using a larger area applicant strip.  You then peel away the large area thing and you are left with the protector in the right place.  Only problem is, the adhesive between the 2 is 100x stronger than the adhesive between the protector and your iphone.  In order to seperate the 2 you have to stretch out the protector and then you are left trying to apply it by hand.  What a total joke. 

Stay clear of this waste.


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