Firefox 15 doesn’t scroll much in Windows 8

I’ve had a few of my friends test this behavior and I’m the only one who currently is experiencing it, so I’m not sure what is different about my setup than there’s, but for me, each click of my mouse wheel, whether at work using my wireless logitech, or at home using my USB generic mouse, causes FF to only scroll only a small amount, say 16px give or take.

This isn’t the case in other applications, like IE and Chrome.

If I go into the Windows 8 settings and change the scrolling to be greater, it has no noticeable impact in Firefox.  However, I found that if I go to Firefox settings by navigating to the URL about:config, and modify the mousewheel.withnokey.numlines value (even if I just change if from 6 to 7) it “fixes” the issue.


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