Getting to the bottom of SVCHost.exe CPU utilization

It’s a common situation.  One of the many SVCHost.exe instances is pegging your CPU.  Here is how you can figure out what service is the culprit.

First, add the Process ID (PID) to the task manager:


This will give you a ID that you can match up with this next part.

Open a command prompt and run:

tasklist /svc /fi “imagename eq svchost.exe”


This will give you a starting point. Match up the PID of the offending instance of SVCHost with the list of services.   If it isn’t clear what the actual service is from the short name listed under Services, you can find the full names at this registry key:


From here, you can run Services.msc from a command prompt to get the services management form.  If there are multiple services you need to check, just go through process of elimination by stopping services. 


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