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We all know ticketmaster is the leader in screwing people when it comes to buying tickets.  You want 4 $28 tickets?  Ok, that will be $165.  What?

Well, I just got done booking a flight on ATA:

Base Fare Per Passenger: $238.00
Taxes and Fees Per Passenger: $102.50

Yes, the taxes and fees are over $100 per ticket!

Here are some other fees that some airlines apply AFTER you have finished comparing which airline to use (which tickets are cheapest):

$2.50: U.S. security tax (“the Sept. 11 fee”);
$4.50: U.S. passenger facility charge (Chicago O’Hare);
$14.50: U.S. international departure tax;
$24.23: U.K. passenger service charge;
$37.27: U.K. air passenger duty;
$14.50: U.S. international arrival tax;
$5: U.S. customs fee;
$7: U.S. immigration fee;
$5: U.S. Department of Agriculture inspection fee;
$130: United Airlines fuel surcharge.

$130 fuel surcharge???  Gimme a break.



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