Why is VZ Access Manager Screwing With Me?

Since moving from my old Rev 0 Verizon card, to the new Rev A built in EVDO card in my new Lenovo laptop, I have had a lot more problems with my service.

It could be that with my old setup, I could simply tell the network adapter to connect and it would take care of dialing out and setting up the connection.  In other words, I didn’t have to go through VZ Access Manager.

But now, I am forced to use VZAM, and I have to say, I think it pretty much sucks.

In the last 10 minutes, here are 2 wonderful issues I have run into:

I have had this several times recently… my friend Pete who works a lot with this stuff told me that Error 913 … “It basically means that Verizon is stupid and can’t figure out if it should let your account login.”

Usually I just keep trying and eventually I get allowed to login and connect.

The other cool thing that has happened a few times recnetly is that it changes my connection to “dormant” even though I am clearly not dormant (actively using the internet).



So while it is “dormant” I basically can’t transmit any data, and it sometimes will not even let me disconnect and try reconnecting.

I don’t have any solutions to these problems, but they are very frustrating.

In 2 years, WiMax should be fully rolled out in Chicago, so I look forward to trying another product, but in the mean time, I am stuck with VZW.



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