HTTP Compression with IIS 6.0 and ASP.NET

Here are some nice step by step directions for getting HTTP Compression setup in IIS6.

They also link to a nice site that will do a compression test for you on the public side.

I was trying to test stuff that wasn’t public, so I figured out how to test this with Fiddler.

Once you start a trace with fiddler, if you select a session, they will check a box next to the type of compression None/GZIP/Deflate, which was used.


Solution to dasBlog "Remember My Login" Not Working

A while ago, maybe 3 months, my blog stopped remembering my login.  When I login I can click to have it remember my login, and thus when I return to the site I don’t have to login every time.

Well I finally arrived at the problem. 

In IIS settings for the website, under the ASP.NET tab, if you click the “Edit Configuration” button, and then the authentication tab, you have the option to set the expiration length for the cookie, which was set to 1 hour.

I changed it to a larger value, restarted the IIS processes, and it appears to be working great now!