Problems serving .svc in IIS 8 on Windows 8

I recently had some problems running telerik Sitefinity on my dev machine.  When I clicked on the Pages menu, it would give me a popup telling me that IIS 8.0 returned a 404.

All the help online talked about reregistering the WCF stuff using Servicemodelreg.exe, but doing that seemed to screw stuff up even more.  Others also talked about using aspnet_regiis, but that doesn’t work in Windows 8.

Finally, I found this post that dealt with the exact issue.  Adding the WCF Services under Turn Windows features on or off worked perfectly.

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Telerik acquires Fiddler

Interesting move here by Telerik to acquire Fiddler.

I’m guessing they will integrate Fiddler into some type of testing framework.  I’ve used Fiddler a lot over the years.  It’s great for looking at the details of network traffic and diagnosing issues to do with HTTP of out of band requests.